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Well, the word in the title has always been the most scariest for me.Whenever I hear it, demons start appearing before my eyes, the ground underneath by feet starts to move away.Hands tremble,the body shivers and the mind goes numb. Most frightening.

I have found it, rather funnily, that I have always underperformed whenever there are more expectations from me.My best has always come when nobody expected anything from me.”Surprise, Surprise!!! Look who Did it?”. Yeah..that would be me. Perhaps, it has got to do a little bit about the way I think about myself, always wanting to be the underdog and not a favourite.

So here I am, when someone expects me to come out with flying colours in any exam, I have inevitably failed (My GRE debacle is at the back of my mind when I write this). As a sportsmen when someone expected me to be the one who will guide my team to victory, I have flinched (I remember a match where my team needed 3 runs to win from 4 balls and I could not get them) And the one person in this whole world who really expected me to be a doctor than an engineer, I failed him too (Well that was my Dad).

It has also been the other way around.Things that I have expected have also not been a reality for me.There have been so many things that I have longed for but not all have been met with. So When I really expected and yearned to be part of a really cool company, I miserably failed.(ThoughtWorks) When I expected MI to win the IPL this year, that was not the case to be. (There could have been a better example in this place but this is just too fresh in my mind).Whenever I have yearned something good to happen to me either it has not happened or it has just not happened the way I would have liked it to happen.

Ah…for once I hope a few things happen to me as per my expectations and that I can live up to others’ expectations too.

Till then, I don’t know what really to expect.But living always in the hope that the maxim expect the unexpected will come true for me.




PS: In the first paragraph, I was just exaggerating a tad 😉 .I usually dont get frightened (OMG…my keyboard is making strange noises in the middle of the night 😛 )

PPS: Somehow I also expect people to remark about this post with “WTH is this?” comments.It will only be an irony if that does not happen 😉

UPDATE: For a change, in less than 24 hours from writing this post a very good thing that I longed for happened to me.I really wanted that to happen.It was somewhat expected.Most Happy 🙂

April 25, 2010 Posted by | General | 6 Comments

I Wonder

Solitary :

I have always dreamed to go very high, I wonder why.

To have wings that can make me fly, I wonder why.

To prove everyone that the limit is not the sky, I wonder why.

Never have I wanted to do this alone,  but instead with an ally, I wonder why.

Someone who can make my life as sweet as an apple pie,I wonder why.

Or sometimes just lend me the shoulder to fall back upon and simply cry,I wonder why.

But I have never had the courage to find such an Eye, I wonder why.

I know its my hesitancy, Oh I am so shy, I wonder why.

I know I can’t hide it, but I wish I could lie, I wonder why.

If there is some hope for me, an ordinary guy,

I wish I can find someone before I say my goodbye,

Work together and live all the dreams thereby,

And just for once, stop wondering Why.




PS:  These words just came naturally to my lips some days ago. And I wonder why 😉

April 6, 2010 Posted by | Personal | 10 Comments

Light Peak

Hmm..have not had a technology related post since some time. Won’t be bad If i write one now 🙂

If the title of the post has had you stumped, let me tell you it is meant to be that way. The title is the name of a recently being developed technology at Intel.As I hear it, its actually its code name.

Light Peak is a technology that enables memory transfers using an optical cable, that can give transfer speeds of close to 10GBps. By memory transfers it means you can connect any electronic device (say an ipod)and get those kind of speeds.

This technology is supposed to be the next big thing and is expected to surpass USB 3.0. Fingers crossed on that.

The other most exciting thing about the technology is it is supposedly able to merge a lot of existing protocols together and come out with a common protocol for all the communication on any device. Thats interesting.

This technology is currently being developed and some more information can be found on their official site at:

Btw, there is also some speculation that Apple is going to ship its newer macbooks with this technology somewhere late this year.

Take a look at some other links too:

I hope all this succeeds 🙂




April 1, 2010 Posted by | Technology | 2 Comments

Finally…Some relief :)


The last few days were the most torturous for almost everyone in my college. Probably not so much to the first year and second year students, but definitely for the rest of them. It was the time of our main technical festival…INC 2010.

Firstly the groundwork, I have never been a big fan of INC. For the last four years I have always had a strange feeling of loneliness during this part of the academic year. The festival to me is just not complete enough. I have never liked the judging at INC, I bet a lot of my colleagues and past PICTians will surely disagree with me (I bet they will all tell me to stop being a cry baby since I did not win a prize). Although I must say that a lot of highly qualified judges do review a lot of projects and offer a lot of suggestions for improvement in all aspects, I have never really liked the perspective with which the projects are reviewed. (Some are exceptions) Any ways, since I don’t have any better suggestion and neither would my opinion count a lot, I will better stop right now about this.

Personally the B.E project has been a mixture of emotions for me.Firstly, If someone asks me about the B.E project, I will have to tell that its probably the worst project that I did. Not that I don’t believe in the idea (maybe I think it might be a bit incomplete) but I am absolutely critical about its implementation. Before starting it out, there were a lot of things that I promised myself to do but over the course of time I failed to achieve my goals.Yeah I did win a few competitions here and there but overall the project always left me unsatisfied. The team dynamics and its functioning also often left me wondering if I had done everything right in this regard.Frankly, I think a lot of my decisions that I took over a year ago backfired.

But there are also a few positives that have come from the B.E project. Since my project was related to compilers, now I have at least found a love for something that is quite challenging and also know a little bit more about GCC than the rest of the people here. It has helped me to fall in love with open source and the way it all works especially the way GCC’s community works and I cherish the wonderful interactions that I have had with the folks in the community and with my mentors. Hopefully in the future I will be able to contribute to GCC in a meaningful manner.

For the B.E project we still have some time before we officially complete it but I doubt myself If I will be able to find the motivation and the time to take it forward and significantly improve it. Hopefully I do.

About INC 2010, If any of the third year students do read this, I must congratulate them all for organizing the event in the best possible manner.It was a decently well organized event and, as was the case with us, I think you must also have experienced a lot of sleepless nights during the event.A good job by all of those who were involved.

Finally…A lot relieved now.




March 28, 2010 Posted by | General | 5 Comments

Nearing the End

Back again for the weekly update on the state of the B.E project. Did quite some work in the last week to complete the simulation. Here are the details:

The Parser file and the grammar

Was trying to automate the detection of IF statement by writing a parser similar to the one written in GCC albeit with the tool yacc. After partially completing it I delegated the job to my other partner.

The Snapshots creation

After being able to complete the work of creating the DEFS and USES chains, I was also partly successful in creating versions of variables which are required as part of inducing concurrency. Although still not complete, the logic used is pretty simple. Here is the outline of the steps that are followed:

  • Each statement in the IF_BLOCK/ELSE_BLOCK is splitted into lvalues and rvalues.
  • Further the DEF and USE chain of each referenced variable  in both the blocks is created.
  • Knowing these DEFS and USES, the versions can be propagated throughout the tree (Both the blocks can be stored in the form of a tree)till a new DEF of the variable is not reached.

From here on the source code is modified to include the versions.The source code thus alters to one in which the dependency amongst variables is removed.

The Final Part

Now what remains is to handle the runtime function call of the resolver function. Once that is over I can be assured of testing the outcome of the tests.It has taken quite some time to reach this stage.

Finally, as the project is drawing to a close, I have came to the realization how taxing it was to go through the grind. Also the project festival, INC , is around the corners. So the next few days will be even more taxing. There is a lot to be said about the project , not concerning the technical details of the project but some other aspects,  but that I guess can wait untill INC concludes .

March 15, 2010 Posted by | B.E project | 2 Comments

Good old days :)

Had a wonderful chat yesterday with a friend. I have not met him even once for the past 6 years so the chat was a nice way to remember the school days.We shared a special friendship .Mostly because of CRICKET.

I was a pretty good player in school and used to play backyard cricket with him.His father was a IAS officer and they had a quarter with a big backyard. Only the two of us mostly used to play but we used to put in hours together. We had an unusual competition amongst ourselves with the following rules:

1. 3 overs a side. Plastic ball match. If someone hits in the neighbour’s backyard he is declared out.Rest was normal cricket.

A special rule for me: Don’t ball a bouncer to me. 😉

2. Every match is a part of a series of 5 matches each.

3. Every such series in turn is a part of a grand series (series of series) of 3. Initially we had decided to have 3 but later on increased to 5, 7 and finally 11.So if i count correctly, we played close to 50 matches amongst ourselves. And used to play only about a couple of matches every week so that we keep the suspense going for a long time.This must have taken us a year to complete.Phew!

Proud to say I won all of them. As far as I remember I had won it fair and square as 5-4 with one drawn series. We only played 10 .Since I was pretty much sure I would not loose even in the case he won. We increased the limit from 3 to 5 to 7 to 11 because I won them successively each time.

Poor Tausif(Yeah..That’s his name).

Whenever anyone of us won a series we had our own way of celebrating.

Tausif, If i remember correctly, used to take a ride on his bicycle and instigate me by shouting “JUST BRING IT” imitating his favourite WWE superstar THE ROCK. 😐

When I won , which I did a plenty of times ;-), I used to draw a heart on the ground and sleep on it, just like Gustavo Kuerton did when he won the French Open three times, praising myself as a worthy winner.That really used to put him off. 😛

Our celebrations used to be so wild that the looser always used to get incensed. I liked it even more If I could put Tossy (I used to call him that sometimes) on the mat and harass him with my sarcastic comments every time he lost.

In between we played a few test matches . I guess he won most of them. Some triangular series with a common friend. I never let him win that though. Besides Cricket we played a bit of Soccer , some computer games, hide and seek (probably…don’t quite remember).

Ah…those were really the most beautiful days from school. It was fun. No responsibilities, nobody holding our head forcing us to study. All we cared about was to play and talk. Everyday.The entire day. Wish they never ended. Sadly they have but their sweet memories still remain. 🙂




March 13, 2010 Posted by | General | 3 Comments


Recently, I was reading my profile on facebook just to see how much of it is public. Was actually trying to configure the settings when I started editing the quotes section. After completing the quotes section I thought I might actually write a post about it.

So here are the few ones I have liked the most.My top five picks.

“Cogito, Ergo sum”

Coined by Rene Descartes, the greek philosopher,when  translated from Latin to English it simply means: “I think, therefore I am”. The best one that I have ever heard. I like most of the quotes for their hidden, implied meanings  and this one had them all.Philosophical, scientific, spiritual etc. Just think about it once and it will make itself clearer. Think again and it will become obscure again.

“Oh lord, my GOD, Is there no help for the widow’s son?”

Quoted by Hiram Abif when he was about to be slained. With uplifted hands came his ultimate cry of pain, anguish.pleading someone to help. The freemasons have used this as a plain distress call.When this quote is said by any mason, it simply means “Help me” and is a  call that is supposed to be understood by other fellow masons only. I read about this quote in Dan Brown’s novel “The lost symbol”.

“Stay hungry,Stay Foolish!”

I know that there is a book of that name too. But this quote was present on the backpage of final edition ‘The whole earth catalog’. It was created by Steward Brand and is  regarded by many as an amazing collection of good stuff in the yesteryears when internet was not even established. I heard this first in Steve Jobs convocation ceremony speech at Stanford and has inspired me since then. I just wish this is true for me throughout my life. Yes. “Stay hungry, stay foolish”

“At first they ignore you then they laugh at you then they fight you then you win”

Quoted by Mahatma Gandhi, I guess it is highly significant in anyone’s life. The power of convincing others is an important gift but it requires a lot of patience at times to make others convinced. This quote is written at RED-HAT’s pune office in the entrance hallway. I find it really apt in open source communities, where convincing others that you have got something good is an hard task than doing it. One of my friends actually summed the essence a lot better: ‘No matter how many obstacles that come the way, the ridicule that might come the way, if you are on the right track sticking to the task  bears fruit’

“Nothing Is Impossible if you try but eventually if you still feel so then maybe you have not tried hard enough”

I dont quite know who quoted this or if it was quoted anyways. I don’t even remember how I heard of it the first time. But its a nice thought.Maybe a cliche but it speaks for itself.

All these years I have really liked these quotes.They have been inspiring, historical, mysterious etc. I am fond of thinking about all of them.




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Project update

The weekly post for the project.Here are the updates.

The DEF-USE links

Finally was able to create these links.Not in the strucures that GCC maintains but created it from my programs.A simple data structure and easy to manipulate. So finally some progress made in this front. Of what remains is to integrate a lot of types of statements which can be easily managed with this. Still needs to be tuned further but progress indeed.

Detection logic is broken

The small parser that i had created to simulate the compilation has been broken. 😦  So i am trying to fix it.because it failed to work properly, I had to hardcode a few things while creating the DEF-USE link. So its important to get the Detection logic working so that DEF-USE links also work in an automated fashion.

The Runtime function call

That needs to be done. The target for this week.

The next week

Unfortunately, the next week I will not be able to work much.Have to devote some time on something else which is important too. But hoping on getting some time to work. Lets see how everything works out for the upcoming week.




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Dreams on Fire !!

Did not plan on writing this post. But could not control writing it after reading something that I had been searching on the net for some time.With success finally.So here is what its all about.

Before I came to PICT, a  year earlier,  the devastating serial local train bomb blasts in mumbai took place. I was in 12th then. The bomb blasts killed 187 people and injured many others. But most importantly it changed a lot of people’ lives. About a year later, The Indian express  ran a daily story about the lives of each of those 187 victims. The stories were heart-rending, touching and shattering. I read them all. They were tales of agony, anguish ,pain and heart break.

One of those stories left a huge impact on me.It was about a 2nd year computer science student from VJTI. An poor labourer’s son, he had secured admissions in the prestigious college by standing 19th in the state’ entrance exams. His life revolved around studies and he aspired to go for higher education to the U.S and earn enough money to support his family.All of those dreams however, were bitterly cut short by the blasts. His name was Rupesh Kamble

In first year of my engineering, I kept a cutting of that article about Rupesh in my bag throughout the year. Reading it whenever I was short of confidence. Not many know this but then, I did not want anyone to know anyways. Recently one of my friends asked me , “Why did you choose Computers only?”. Well, there are a lot of reasons for that choice.Some logical while others illogical.But partly It was also inspired by this man.I did want to follow him.

My heart weeps for you – Rupesh

Here is the article that I am talking about:

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